The Holy Grail of Network Marketing

Interview with Bernard Sjauta, 2012 CEO and cofounder of LifePharm Global©

    Why Laminine? First we have the world wide patent that no one else has. This protected formula is one key factor needed to successfully grow your business. The second key element is how well it works, time and time again. The third is a solid company & leadership. Laminine fits in to the picture of every human being on our planet.

Ted Nuyten of 'Business for Home' had the honor to interview Bernard Sjautu.

    Bernhard, how did you get involved in Network Marketing. Have you been in the field? Having been abundantly blessed with the success of our parent company, LifePharm Inc. we saw the struggles of millions in the US during these tough economic times. Although we were not born in the US, we now consider the US our home. We knew the time was appropriate for us to focus on giving back to the society. With LifePharm, Inc. we felt we did our share of contributing to this country by manufacturing all our products in the US and marketing them in Asia. With LifePharm Global Network, we wanted to create a company that has the ability to enhance and empower people, beyond having them simply enjoy the health benefits of our product.

    To answer the 2nd part of your question; no, I have never been in the network marketing field prior to being in LifePharm Global and I owe our success to the combination of our product, unique comp plan and having a professional group of executives and thousands of extremely dedicated hard-working leaders and members.

You've been open for a just two years now, how has this time been?

    We had a clear vision of how we wanted to create LifePharm Global Network and we worked hard to achieve this vision. We were determined to create a network marketing company that focused on its members instead of the shareholders' personal success. After all, we had already achieved success through LifePharm, Inc. This is why our compensation plan was created 100% by our leaders without any interference from the Company. Armed with our unique product and 'By You For You' compensation plan, and nothing else, we marched forward.

    I remember it was June 17th of 2011 when LPGN opened our back office and sold our first bottle of Laminine. We had zero members and only five people in our office. Our beloved Master Distributor, Stan Holden worked in the office day after day, calling and asking people to join our new company. By the first week, he had recruited 200 members. This was how we started this journey only two short years ago.
Here we are now with over 100,000 members. October of 2012, it gave us great honor to recognize Stan Holden, Our first Diamond Director and Master Distributor with a $100,000 commission check along with the title to his 'fully paid' brand new Mercedes Benz. And just now we are very pleased to report two new Diamond Directors Stan Brower and Adrian Mathews

Does the company have an Corporate structure in other international markets?

    Yes, in just one year LPGN had opened in multiple countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and the Philippines, as well as parts of Canada. And we're expanding to more locations at a steady pace. Because of our unique product and dedication to our members, we experienced exponential growth of 200% and 400% per month after only four months of opening our back office for business. So much so that we had to make some tough decisions and we decided to pull back the reigns to control the tremendous growth within the first year. We needed to make sure the proper infrastructure was in place and that a strong foundation was suitably laid. Today, we are now poised to enter the next phase of progression.

Laminine is a unique product, what is your experience with the product?

    Laminine is unique in the sense that its' key ingredient is something we've never come across before, complete with a long and rich history going back to the 1920s and numerous clinical studies showing an array of health benefits. We also know clinical studies do not mean much if the actual product doesn't work. However, when we received our first batch of Laminine, we saw that it was very effective in restoring overall health to so many different people. It's still extremely thrilling to hear amazing testimonials everyday of how Laminine has restored health and how LifePharm Global has improved so many people's economic conditions - that is what drives us and what LifePharm Global Network is all about.

The compensation plan is developed with the input of many distributors, is it a binary and uni-level, matrix or a combination?

     LifePharm, Inc.'s success was due to its unique, out of the box approach. 10 years ago, we defied the norms by manufacturing all our products in the US and selling them in South East Asia. People thought we would fail within 6 months. Instead our products became no. 1 and no. 2 in the industry, respectively. We wanted to create the same 'out of the box' approach with LifePharm Global. So, against the advice of many industry experts, we looked to top industry leaders who helped us create a compensation plan that centered on our members' interest instead of the company's. We have since called this plan 'By You For You', which means a company created by them and centered on them. Again, the industry experts thought we would not last more than 6 months giving so much control to the members. But we have thrived instead. We'd like to say that the 'By You For You' plan is a multi-nary compensation plan, which is a combination of Binary, Uni-level, and Matrix compensation plans.

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