Buying Laminine ® Correctly Requires Assessment of Your Needs

Why Order An Activation Pack?

    I am an Overall Healthy person with no physical Complaints. I want to see what all the fuss is about. I've heard it raises mood levels and helps with better sleep. I'm not really stressed out, but everyone could use a reduction of stress. It's just me here, no one else in the household. I want to Try it but don't want to spend a lot up front, just in case.

    Answer: Let's start with the last concern first. Cost is always on everyone's mind. That's why we've made it easy to start off right so you can experience the amazing things you've heard about. A person of overall good health should be able to try it with just the activation Pack

    Let's talk about trying it alone versus, with a family member or Friend. The value of bouncing your experience off of another person is not to be underestimated. Although most people report similar positive effects in the first month, everyone is an individual and experiences may vary widely.
For instance, one person may sleep deeper than they have for a long time, while the other notices a persistent ache or pain subsiding. One person may see a definite reduction in their stress levels, while the other notices their thought processes getting sharper and clearer, neither experiencing what the other did. A person's own body determines where Laminine is needed and what it needs to do first. Some folks may try it for joint pain they've had for years and find that the first thing that happens is digestive problems they've lived with for a longer period of time experience positive changes. People trying it with the family pack to do it right (never take half an aspirin, when the bottle says take two) have reported that one person felt it in their mind and body almost immediately, while the other felt nothing at all for weeks, even months, then they also began to experience the wonderful things your body can do with the right fuel. The person that felt nothing had things being addressed inside them that no pain was associated with. Those things could be cardiovascular, heart conditions etc. Even if you feel nothing, SOMETHING IS being addressed!

IF you try it alone, and get no fireworks, you could just give up and lose out on something your body needs so badly. If the other person IS experiencing Positive changes, it will keep you involved so you dont miss your blessing.

Why Should I order a Family Pack?

    If you have areas of concern, this pack is definitely your start off point. After you experience what it does for you, simply set your auto-delivery in your own free back office to what you and your body agree upon as the "Maintenance Dosage" for you. The majority of folks DO INDEED end up with two in the morning and two in the afternoon. If you started off with no areas of concern and just feel better and like it, you could end up with One and One.

    Let's talk about areas of concern. Laminine is not marketed as a cure for anything. Then why do people talk about the "Wonderful, Neat, even unexpected" positive experiences? Because they've seen it for themselves, that's why. You can't say vitamin C cures a common cold on the label, yet we take it and it helps. It's the same thing. If you have an Area of concern, you need to understand that you are not going to reverse a condition in two months that took four years to build up. That's just common sense. Laminine is NOT a MAGIC PILL. It is the perfect fuel for your body to create again and your body WILL be doing it, it cannot help it. It will happen with or without you feeling anything. If you do it right, it will do you right. The very best experiences with addressing areas of concern come when people start off with three caps in the morning and three caps in the afternoon for the first week minimum, preferably two weeks.

    Remember this: You are feeding your body a "Perfect food", the exact thing it needs to create again. Your body has been starved from perfect nutrition through a host of factors, including diet, processed food supply, etc. So are you going to give it a peanut, and say ok, heal yourself? No, you are going to FEED it, so it can heal. Your body has been a prisoner to poor nutrition for longer than you know. Vitamins are not fully recognized by the body as food and are only absorbed in very small percentages. Your body Recognizes Laminine as instantly Usable Fuel for healing and reconstruction.

Your body is a SUPER-machine, DESIGNED TO HEAL ITSELF with the right Fuel.
It's time to take that prisoner out of the cage, Clean 'em up, and begin to feed them full course, sit down meals. He's not going to look like Clark Kent in a day or two, but you'll see, he'll look better and better every day.

What If I have Conditions but don't want to buy 10 bottles?

    You should buy enough to do a proper loading protocol of 3caps twice a day for a one week period and go to 2 caps twice a day for the rest of the first month. That's 5 bottles. Doing that affords you the best oportunity to see the greatest results. You'll pay the $33 bottle wholesale cost. A Family pack gives you 10 bottles at $29.70 per bottle, saving you $40 on your inital purchase.

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